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Roasted coffee beans in a pile

Smooth, Cool, Clean

Small-Batch Cold Brew

For a True Awakening
Coffee with milk in a brown mug with a turquoise pattern on the front. The mug sits on a wooden table. Most of an old fashioned wooden coffee grinder is visible behind and to the left of the mug.

As well as

Roasted Coffee Beans

For Hot Coffee

Tall, dark, and made for you.

Our Classic Cold Brew coffee offers a delicious alternative to sugar-filled energy drinks and is a convenient option for coffee-lovers on the go.

For the home-coffee connoisseur, keep a bottle of our Cold Brew Concentrate in the fridge for a cool, refreshing, cafe-quality coffee any time. Mix to taste.

For those who enjoy hot coffee but only have the time for instant, our Cold Brew Concentrate comes to the rescue again. Use it like a cordial, but add hot water. Viola! Instant coffee that tastes a lot better that the ol' packet of brown dust.

All our coffee is roasted and brewed in-house for freshness and quality.

The Goods

Stream of coffee into a mug that says awaken

But what is Cold Brew?

I can dig it

But wait, there's more.

Sounds great!
White mug filled with coffee surrounded by roasted coffee beans on a brown background
Snowy capped mountains with a blue lake in front and a winding dirt path on the left side of the lake. A few clouds hang in a mostly clear blue sky.



Wildberry Lodge Coffee Company

Unit 6C, 60 Vagues Road
Northcote, Christchurch

Fri, 9am - 5pm
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